I have a history of citizen activism, service to people, caring for animals, protecting the environment, and service to our community. In all of my years spent working to make a difference, I have kept one goal ever in mind: to make things better for every person, place, and thing. We face some challenges in El Paso. And we should have one of our own representing US on the City Council. – Dr. Rick Bonart

We’re getting a tax cut. I know how to fund it.

With the highest property taxes in Texas and second highest in the nation, you’re currently paying enough taxes. Obviously, El Paso is not the most efficiently run city in Texas. I’m calling for a performance audit of all city departments that will reduce costs by approximately 10%. Our current city government is so inefficient it makes El Paso non-competitive.
When businesses wanting to move to our city ask for incentives, what they’re really saying is “Hey, we’d love to be in El Paso, but the taxes are too high!”
We must reduce taxes to be competitive on a national level.

We’re going to fix our streets and deal with our traffic problem!

Maintaining streets is one of the most basic government responsibilities. Our poorly maintained streets affect each of us every day. Poor coordination with TxDOT has only added to our misery. Current policy and years of deferred maintenance only compound the problem. If not corrected, this will lead to another costly bond election. One of my top priorities will be to develop a comprehensive plan to fix this issue. We can’t afford to ignore bad streets any longer.

People before politics.

The government has become too heavy-handed and at odds with the citizens. Good government must be inclusive, transparent, and respectful. Too often, we the citizens find ourselves having to legislate by petition and lawsuits. With over two decades of civic participation, I have proven myself to be a champion of citizen rights. As a citizen advocate on the PSB, I fought for open government.
Simple civility, common sense, and a willingness to consider all viewpoints makes voting for me like voting for yourself. Let’s win together.

I’m here to listen!

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